1. Which guarantees are there concerning the reliability of the water dispenser?

There is a ten-year manufacturer warrantee.

2. It is mentioned that the water dispenser is entirely manufactured in France. How can I be certain of that?

The fountain O! has been conceived, then manufactured and assembled in France

• Conception and design : Indre et Loire (37)

• Injection molding : Val de Marne (94)

• Assembling : Eure et Loir (28)

3. Should I purchase additional spare parts to bring into service the fountain?

The fountain O! is delivered complete and ready to use.

4. Where can I buy the water dispenser?

Please call our offices at + 33 (0)2 37 88 01 50 to get the names of the closest distributors nearby your place.

You can also buy your fountain O! online.

5. Does the water dispenser O! need any connection to water supply to be used?

If you pour water with a jug, the system perfectly works without any connection to water supply, however, you may be willing to purchase a connection set that fills the water dispenser automatically, without additional handling. The Connection Set can be purchased online.

6. Are there any specific recommendations for water consumption once purchase made?

O! is well-suited for everybody daily, whether for drinking and cooking or for pets.

Once filtered, the water is slightly alkaline and mineralized, and it could be likewise consumed by patients suffering from kidney pathologies.

7. How can I be sure that the water system is effectively working?

Please refer to Fountain O! Functioning and analyses page.

8. After having assembled the water dispenser and proceeded to filling up the basin (that encompasses the ceramic), I find out that water does not flow.

• Did you wash out the ceramic before?

• Verify that the lid of the cartridge has been pushed fully

• Is the black float (with the three dewclaws) not stuck and in the upright position?

• Make sure that the water dispenser is perfectly placed horizontally

9. After having purchased the water dispenser O! I realized that a spare part is missing. How come?

Every single water system is carefully controlled before packing, however, if that were the case, please reach out the customer service at + 33 (0)2 37 88 01 50.

10. Can I expose the water system O! to direct sunlight?

It is strongly recommended not to expose the water dispenser to direct sunlight.

11. Why the jug is not positioning itself vertically as it should be?

Verify that the metallic ring placed under the tray of the fountain is securely fastenable in the provided mount to the purpose. If need be, clip it again.

12. The jug of the water system is releasing some drops of water, should I be worried?

When handling the jug, a couple of drops can be released. This is perfectly normal, it is a mechanical phenomenon going on, due to suction.

13. What should I do with the filtering elements when I have to change them every six months?

All those natural elements can used as substrate for plants or for composting. #ZeroWaste

14. When replacing the ceramic (must be done between twelve and fifteen months), is there anything to keep aside?

Only the white flexible bellow fixed under the ceramic has to be kept and repositioned.

15. Is that normal that after having used the water system for a certain period of time, filtration seems to be slowed down?

Did you clean the ceramic as mentioned in our tutorial video on a monthly/bi-monthly basis?

If you have been using the ceramic for more than twelve months in very specific areas of France, it may be shrewd to change it, due to lower effectiveness.

16. It seems that the ceramic loses its white initial color, is that normal?

It’s a natural phenomenon that attests the effectiveness of the ceramic, as it retains the first impurities that may be present in water (green algae, rust, additional impurities conveyed by water pipes).

17.May I proceed to maintenance for both external and internal structures?

Please refer to Fountain O! care instructions page.