Is the product compatible with my system?

The use or the introduction of a "product" not being an integral part of O! would pull the cancellation of the guarantee manufacturer.

I have to buy additional products to run the Fountain O! ?

The Fountain O! is delivered ready for the employment, no outside contribution is necessary for its smooth running.

Does the product need to be connected?

The fountain water requires no electric connection, working by natural gravity and communicating vessels, alone a connection on water inlet is optional.

What are the used materials?

The structure of the fountain O! consists to 100% of tritan.png, materials deprived of any toxicity for the human or animal health.

May I use this water for my baby? The people suffering from renal pathologies, for the elderly, etc.?

The water obtained with O! is weakly mineralized, alkaline (dissolved mineral silica favoring the acido-basic balance at the oro-pharyngé level), favoring the diurèse, with an indication PRAL - acid renal load potential - very slightly negative, as well as very low one bio availability.

O! is thus perfectly adapted to all pets

Where I may find the fountain O! ?

List of our distributors please on the following link: Where to find our products?

How long lasts a cartridge? A ceramic?

The cartridge O!ptimum will have to be reloaded every 6 months maximum.

The Ceramic will be to maintain every month (cf. maintenance) and to change at the most every 18 months.

Are the filtering materials of quality optimum?

The filtering materials were strictly tested, validated and selected by our chemical engineer, answering exactly the sought field of application.